seanieblade's Journal

Sean Bean
17 April
Just want you lot to know that I AM a very straight guy! SO straight. Just want to make that perfectly clear. I mean I blew the Horn of Gondor, for Christ's sake! Viggo's poetry tends to turn me on at times tho. BUT ONLY IN A TOTALLY STRAIGHT WAY! You got it?

I have tattoos here and there and a few ex wives and three great kids and such.. but the important thing is that you know I'M STRAIGHT AND IF I CAN BEAT UP HARRISON FORD I CAN SURE TAKE CARE OF YOU!

And I love my garden and I like to plant trees, BECAUSE THEY GROW SO STRAIGHT!

And I DO have the Horn of Gondor with me Wanna play Blow the Horn of Gondor? so I am not a man to be fucked with. Got it! Yes. Gayness is RIGHT OUT!

Straight. That's me.