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Oh my god...

... I'm back on another fucking airplane tomorrow!!!

*gets queasy at the very thought* I buy dramamine by the case now. Saves money.

Hey! Gang! I've rented a huge suite at the Savoy Thursday night after the play and I'll be throwing a big party there for all of us!! This is the only notice you'll get.. so BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! I'll have tons of food, tons of drinks.. and hopefully all of YOU will be there. I'll name the room BEANS BASH!

especially you.

I'm really nervous. Lijah? You're in charge of handing out the tickets to everyone. If you need more for some reason, call me.

Viggo.. for fucks sake don't paint anything at the SAVOY!!

Orli?? There's a part in scene III where MacBeth says:
Had I but died an hour before this chance,
I had lived a blessed time, for from this instant
There's nothing serious in mortality.

You be watching. I'm gonna throw you a special wink!

Hope all of you have fun. See you backstage and at the party.
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And we'll be throwing something back. ahahahaah OUR LOVE!
If you guys TRY anything that night.. I'm gonna KILL YOU!

You can't be cracking me up on stage.. this is a fucking TRAGEDY!!

*eyes Viggo*

And spare me that innocent look!

*cannot resist the smartass comeback...*

*apologizes in advance*

This is a fucking tragedy...

dear god...

*bites lip*

Then perhaps you should feign illness, let your understudy handle the role, and the play will turn from tragedy to a box office sensation!

*ducks a blow from the mighty Horn of Gondorrhea*

Jesus... Mirry is going to kill me for that

*hides in the storage compartment*
*finds you*

*laughs and lets you go*

Oh you'd never get a blow from the Horn of Gondor, buddy. Only the special FEW even SEE the horn! I'm not sure you could handle it.


Re: mmhm!


15 years ago

Beaner, you're going to have to fly with us - awake - and get over your aversion to taking to the air. You just may find you enjoy it! Mirry almost loves it now

The Cnutijet will be leaving LA for London at 8am sharp. Be on it for find your own way to England, people.

I'll have her there for you, man. She's been wanting to tell you something. No, I have no idea what it is either.
I have the tickets. I won't lose them I hope! I'm bringing eggs and tomatoes so we can throw them at you. Break your leg, or something. Heh. JUST KIDDING BEANDIP. I can't wait, it's gonna be great. *dances like a geek* ;)

Oh jeez! I FORGOT about you losing the ONE RI.. uh.. that thing!

*worries about Lij losing tickets*

*dances like a geek*

*Watches geek dance in awe*

I LOVE that geek dance!

*tries it*


*kicks can and walks off muttering.. I'm just too fucking TALL!*
Naw.... Bean, you can't dance like a geek because you aren't a geek!
and we're still uncertain as to your actual classification

*laughs and points at Eli*

That is all.



15 years ago


15 years ago


15 years ago


15 years ago

I will be there, Sean. I promise. I may be hiding in the back, but I will be there. *soft smile*
Don't hide in the back, J.

Hide in the front where I can see you.

*smiles back*
I just don't want to be a distraction for you, love. You don't need to see me and lose ... *sigh*

You'll be wonderful no matter what. You always are, Sean.

You don't need to see me and lose ...

I won't. I'll see you and gain...


15 years ago

[I might be late as I will actually be there :P]

*pokes you*

I'll be there Beanbitch... ready and waiting to throw my underpants! In a TOTALLY platonic way! <3
You're going to wink at me? *slow smile*

heh, I'll try my best not to fidget. I'll even sit on my hands for you so I don't bite my nails.

You'll do amazing my friend. fucking perfect.

Thanks, Elfy.

Yeah.. a special wink just for you.

A first for Macbeth.