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Taking Mir to the party as my date.

It's kind of our first real date and I want to be on my best behavior.

Which seems weird since I just Babe Ruthed her picture window right out into her front lawn.

I'm so bad at this stuff!

Go look and tell me what you think!
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Link no work. :(
I fixed it.

Aw, beautiful. They are great. :)
They're lovely, Bean.

She'll adore them.

Thank you.. and.. uh..

forgive me but...

I just must.............

*licks your icon*

*walks away shaking head*

What the fuck has gotten INTO me??

*is licked*

Wow, Bean. Thanks.

Whatever it is, I hope it's terminal. *winks*
Umm ... *tries not to blush because Bean knows better*

*blushes anyway*

It's beautiful.

Thanks, Bean.

*rushes off to find a matching dress*

*and shoes*