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.. and I had a conference under the waterfall and decided that we need to wait for Aragorn and his men, who are further to the north, before we attempt the rescue.

He won't be able to get here before Saturday, so we are resting the camp and trying to be as prepared as we can be. I've been in SOME kind of contact with Mir.. she says it's telepathic... and know that she is still alive and strong. Ungoliant HAS taken the child from her and hurt her badly in the process, but Mir is holding her own. At least she is being fed and sheltered, and not tortured.

Saturday, with the addition of the King and his men, we should have a force equal to the spider bitch's powers.

Elfwine worries me. I hope we can protect him.

And Boromir is one hell of a swimmer.
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