Sean Bean (seanieblade) wrote,
Sean Bean

I can't remember...

... ever being more exhausted. The events of yesterday just blew me away. And even though dear friends from both dimensions have assured me that I am not at fault here, my own sense of duty says to me that the person I swore to protect has been abducted, tortured, and is still in grave danger.

But the important thing now is to rescue Mir. Hopefully.. that will happen today. I only hope we can rescue the child at the same time. I do NOT wish for Elfwine to have the life we saw him living out yesterday. It was/is horrible.

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of our slash puppets. They truly *became* the warriors who, until that time, had only been a role in a movie. They were magnificent.

I had to cancel my dinner date with Dave last night and that left me feeling kind of sad. I hope we can reschedule it. He's an amazing guy.. my brother of Gondor. I'd like to get to know him much much better.

I only hope today is a better day.
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You should not be here. You don't belong here. It's a pretty day, isn't it? :cackle: Are you bringing me a present, love?

I want one that bites.
If I have to hear this in my brain until saturday.. I'll go insane.

We'll catch that dinner soon, after we take care of the Spider Bitch. Life WILL get back to normal, with Mir back among those who love her.
You don't love me anymore.

You never did.



You said I was the prettiest, more pretty than moonlight on the water.

Do you know how to swim?

I'm not pretty anymore.

fingers in ears, refusing to let the words sink in. Resisting, because I love her so much.
Chin up, Bean! We'll get Mir back, safe & sound. Just keep saying it.

:manly hugs:

I hear lots of sounds in my head. They don't scare me so much any longer.

I lost my dolly. Do you know where he is? He has my shoes.

I want my shoes.