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Well.. ok..

.. sure. I can handle this.

Going on stage in a few hours to act out the hardest role in my life. And right in the middle of that rather enormeous undertaking, THIS situation comes up! My life is now on permanent 'hold' untill I talk to Mirry and find out the truth.

My god! Could it BE that the child is really MINE?

And could it be that Mirry and I might actually have a chance at a life together?

I find it so hard to believe that. I find it so hard to believe ANY of this!

I have to focus on my performance tonight. I HAVE to!

But I can't.
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*looks around*

*mails flowers and card with encouraging message scribbled on it*

break a leg.

*surreptitiously charges card and flowers to lij's account*

Hannah, yer lucky I love you, cuz you sure do cost me a hell of a lot of money. Not that I don't have a hell of a lot of money, but that is beside the point.

I'm giving you a bag of rocks for Christmas.

but i am just a poor, penniless college student and you are a big name movie star...?

*helpfully* We can just tell Sean that the flowers were from you too...
Thanks, sweetie.

*surreptitiously charges card and flowers to lij's account*


Got her here for ya, man. Have her call me when she's ready to go.

Best of luck tonight.
Take me home, please.
Beeeeeeeeeaaan!! You'll do great, man. Once you are in costume, everything else will fade away. That is the kind of actor you are, you know. You are able to be who you are performing.

I can't wait to see you. *hugs from far away*
Sean, you will do wonderful. Remember, I have complete faith in you.

I'll see you tonight and I'm spending the day tomorrow.