Sean Bean (seanieblade) wrote,
Sean Bean

I'm back..

.. and I'm glad.

But.. there are aspects of it that are hard. There are aspects of it that are surprising.

But I'm glad to be here.

I'm just waiting for Viggo to start painting things. It never fails. God, it's nice to be living with him again. My Boromir.

Not long 'till all the hype begins for TTT premier. I won't be as involved with this one, but I'm sure I'll still be dragged into the frey now and then. It's such chaos!


I'm tired.
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*looks around*


Hey Bean, I'm glad you're back too. Believe it or not. And Vig needs a buddy... Hey, have him tell you about his "house" dream sometime. *nods* And you never saw me here...
Thanks, Gabe. Your friendship means the world to me.

*whispers* And.. I never tell Viggo ANYTHING! I'll ask him about the dream tho.

*hugs Gabe*

*is stunned*
Seriously? Friends?


Fuckin' aye!

maybe you should tell Vig a thing or two. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to... talk
Jesus, man. Of COURSE, we're friends!

You think I blame you for loving her?? My god, who wouldn't!

Just shows that you and *I* are both men of discriminating taste. Probably the ONLY ones around here who can make that claim.

*smiles and waits for explosion*

Beaner, I like you more all the time!

I know you don't blame me... We Kyle too ARE men of discriminating taste. *nods*

Hey... I hope you're still around when I get home next week. I really want to have that beer (or twelve) with you. We can swap stories of our adventures. Bet I win! Ha!

Later, man
I really want to have that beer (or twelve) with you. We can swap stories of our adventures. Bet I win! Ha!


When was the last time YOU were in a knock down, drag out fight with INDIANA JONES!!

*looks smug*

Indaina Jones? That old fart? Ha!
When was the last time you got shot in the ass? With a real bullet! Or dangled off the CN Tower... will be doing that again tomorrow... Christ. Or... or been bulldoggin'? Rode a bronc? Been shipwrecked? Frozen to death?

*looks smugger* smugger? *shrugs*

Ooh... buddy, we'll need a fuckin' keg instead of a twelve pack....


Note to self: get this shoot over with asap so I can get back to LA
Sean, I know things are a bit difficult right now between us, but I hope you know that I am very happy you're back. I'm going out of town today with Gabe for a week. I hope you'll still be here when I return. We need to have that lunch. *smiles*

Call me when you and Gabe get back, sweetie.

I'm looking forward to it.. difficult or no. Seeing you is great.

Heh...great icon.

Said it before and I'll say it again, I'm glad you are back.

Laughs at Human Pincushion. MISTAKE! That one wasn't supposed to be the default. Only used in tiimes of emergency when I fall completely apart.

Which, as you know, happens fairly often.

And.. I'm glad I'm back too. I actually.. needed to be here. Living with Viggo again. What a wonderful experience.