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I have failed...

.. Mir has been abducted by the vile Spider Bitch Ungoliant, who seeks the child that Mir offered to carry for Boromir and Eomer. It was an act of graciousness and love.. and for this she has been kidnapped and is in great peril.

Many good men and women of Middle Earth were joined by good men and women from this side of the universe.. our only goal and desire to see Mir and the child returned unharmed. We do not know YET if this may come to pass. But my beloved counterpart and friend, Bormomir, has moved into Ungoliant's territory to offer himself as sacrifice for Mir's life and the life of his child. He, once again, proves that he is a great and gallent warrior of Gondor.

I remain ready to either take Boromir's place as sacrifice, or move to save him if he is taken.

Dave, Karl, Hugo, all brave and gallent Slash puppets. But none braver than Orlando. He stood his ground, bow drawn and ready, and was both brave and noble. I was proud of him. He was a manly man... not of Gondor.. but of any world. I was proud of him.

Still.. if anything happens to Mir, Boromir, or the child.. it will be my fault. I wish I could offer myself as sacrifice but Boromir won't allow it.

I can only send him my best thoughts and wishes.. now.

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