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Party seemed to go fairly well last night, even tho I crashed fairly early. Too wiped out from jet lag and
her welcome home to hang out any longer.

I think the bean dip was a big hit though, no matter what HE says.

Got to spend a little time with Karl and Dave. Very hot interesting guys. Dave especially. Well, at least I THINK I think he's intensly sexy interesting. I mean, he WAS in my bed when I woke up this morning. And there ARE marks that looks suspiciously like hickeys all over my neck.

Maybe he walks in his sleep.

Maybe it's a bean dip reaction.

Maybe I need to stay awake next time.

Glad that Farry and some of the Sock Pups dropped in last night. I've missed Farry. Gets real confusing for me when Dave's in the room. Can't wait 'till they get together. Should be some incredibly hot and sexy fun evening.

I'm invited to the birth! That should be fun. Wonder if Vigs will be the official baby photographer. Little Liv should be adorable!

Gonna check and see if there's any more of that avacado bean dip left. Should make a good breakfast.
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