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Good grief....

Astin's out golfing in a very spiffy, preppie outfit, looking like he's got a BMW parked in the golf course parking lot, and then FARRY shows up with hot attractive babes hanging all over him wearing this striped ZOOT SUIT looking hot as fuck. Add to THAT the fact that Ian is here.. and it makes for one crazy as hell day.

Well, I am not the worlds best golfer.. and I don't think I could ever dress the way Astin does. (White leather glove, Sean? How MICHAEL JACKSON of you!) Not much I can really emulate there but I intend to try because he's my ideal.

And as far as Farry goes.. resistance is the new word of the day. I CAN and WILL resist uh.. eating the strawberries and avocados that Farry keeps offering me. Bean is strong. Bean shall not weaken.

So that's my day.. try to emulate Sean and not . . . uh............ eat any of Farry's ...... mmhm ...... uh..... fruit.

Hey, Mir!! Wanna go get a banana split in town??
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